About Us

In 2013 James and I arrived home from travelling the world to get married. Our wedding was held on the family farm near Feilding, and it was perfect!

 ...but for one thing…

We’d seen Nordic Teepee tents at events like ours in Europe and if we’d been able to hold our wedding in one it would have been perfect and SPECTACULAR!

These tents add so much to any special occasion and event, and they create a totally unique atmosphere. (Like the difference between a hall and a home).

We decided New Zealand needed some. 

We all enjoy a party, so we’re not mucking around: We have 12 TopKåta Teepees! You can have a small event in just one, or we can join teepees to create a spectacular setting that will wow your guests and create some fantastic memories.

So… our TopKåta Teepees might be too late for the biggest event in our lives, but we can make your event all the more spectacular! Please call us today.

Our Teepees

TopKåta teepee tents are based on the traditional Nordic Kata design. The nomadic reindeer herding people of Northern Scandinavia constructed temporary homes using wooden poles covered in animal hides. 

Today TopKåta teepees are made from the same timber found only in Northern Scandinavia. In the winter months, Swedish foresters select and fell each tree by hand, our TopHat poles are around 100 years old.

Fortunately we have advanced from animal hides with our lightweight, waterproof canvas, offering a sustainable, eco-friendly solution to the PVC normally used in marquee structures.

With our teepees the possibilities are endless, we can arrange almost any shape and size for your special event, see our floorplans here.

Based in Hamilton, TopKåta will travel anywhere in New Zealand.


James & Sarah Glenn on their wedding day, January 2013.