Floorplans + Pricing

There are many ways our tents can be arranged for your event or function. Whether you require different sides to be raised up or down, the tents spaced individually or joined together, we will design a bespoke floorplan to suit your needs.

To illustrate how versatile our teepees are and the unique spaces they can create, we've included some sample floorplans below.

At TopKåta we understand your event is unique. Please contact us so we can prepare an itemised quote, specific to your special occasion.

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars ($) and include GST at 15%. Prices are indicative only and include Teepee hire, matting and standard lighting only. Prices exclude delivery, rig, de-rig and damage waiver fee.

One TopHat - From $2725.00

One TopHat

One TopHat + MiniHat - From $3575.00

One TopHat + MiniHat

Two TopHats - From $4554.00

Two TopHats

Two TopHats + MiniHat - From $6153.00

Two TopHats + MiniHat

Three TopHats - From $6831.00

Three TopHats

Three TopHats (Triangle) - From $6831.00

Three TopHats (Triangle)

Three TopHats + MiniHat - From $8430.00

Three TopHats + MiniHat

Four TopHats - From $9108.00

Four TopHats

Four TopHats + MiniHat - From $10707.00

Four TopHats + MiniHat