Below we have showcased some of the many ways the tipis can be arranged. 14 tipis can be joined to host over 1000 people - the only limit is your imagination! 


Below we've showcased some of the many ways the tipis can be arranged. 14 tipis can be joined to host over 1000 people - the only limit is your imagination! 


From $4335

We also have a 'smaller' tipi - we like to call this the MiniHat! Join it onto the TopHats, or have it as a standalone tipi, this is the perfect add on to your event! This configuration seats 90 guests comfortably, or use the MiniHat as a bar, a relaxed lounge area for your guests or as a dance floor for you to bust a move or two!

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1 TopHat + Mini Hat (attached).png
2 TopHats 94 - 122ppl.png


From $5014

Our tipis can be joined seamlessly to create a magical place, providing ample room to wine, dine and dance the night away! Catering for up to 120 people seated, in this floorpan we have allowed space for tables, chairs, dance floor and bar. we will happily work with you to help plan the layout for your special occasion.

1 Tophat with Dancefloor.png


From $2507

Seating 80 guests comfortably, or 100 standing, this is the perfect venue to host an intimate wedding, celebrate a milestone or host your new product launch!


From $7521

With this floor-plan it's all about thinking outside the box (or rather, inside the triangle). The beauty of three tipis is having the ability to create different zones catering to all your guests, whether it be a designated dance floor, a bar for those to mingle and chat or a quiet comfortable lounging area for those who wish to put their feet up. This particular layout showcases one of the many ways to configure the tipis, have them in a straight line, in a curved arc or as a triangle. Seating up to 160 guests, this is the perfect option for larger events!

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3 TopHats with Dancefloor.png
3 TopHats + Mini Hat with Dancefloor.png


From $9350

Seating up to 186 people, this option allows for even more space with the addition of our MiniHat! Choose how you wish to utilise this layout, perhaps a hang out area, a place to order a few drinks or for you to strut your stuff on the dance floor.


From $12,535

Well... what more should we say. Let your creative flare run wild!!

Create designated zones throughout the tipis. Seat 300 guests dining for a meal, or a beautifully styled lounge, a large fun cocktail bar, and a dance floor to boogie the night away, what more could you want!

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5 Tophats with firepit & chill zone.png
4 TopHats (Diamond).png


From $10,028

One of the ways to configure 4 tipis is in a diamond formation, this caters for up to 202 seated guests. However 4 tipis provides you the opportunity to create a bespoke floor plan & layout reflecting your own personality, style and occasion.

Have we peaked your interest? Do you want to know more? Contact us with your event requirements and we will provide you with a personalised quote for your tipi event. 

Floor plans are only indicative, we have 14 tipis in our fleet so the possible configurations are only limited by your imagination!  

Prices are in New Zealand Dollars ($) and include GST at 15%. Prices are indicative only and include tipi hire, matting and standard lighting only. Prices exclude delivery, rig, de-rig and damage waiver fee.

2 TopHats + Mini Hat.png


From $6845

Seating up to 130 people, this option allows for more space using the MiniHat as a dance floor providing a seperate space for those who who really want to boogie the night away, bringing out their inner dancing queen (or king!).