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It really was love at first sight for these two!

It was the night after New Years, at the Niseko Lodge in Japan where Liv locked eyes on Vic, and had to know more, with his hilarious charm and wonderful wit, Liv knew in a moment that she’d found her fit. 

From Japan to the Gold Coast, to being married on a beautiful sunny Waikato day, Vic knew on the first night they met that this was exactly where they would end up - I guess you could say it was love at first sight for these two!

There was not a dry eye in the tipi when Vic made his speech, encapsulating their bond when he said  ‘everything that makes you who you are blows me away, the only way I can describe how you make me feel, is that for the first time because of you, I feel like I’m home'. 

Their wedding planning had been so relaxed, and their special day was no different. Stressfree and filled with laughter - these two were just so happy and proud to be marrying one another.

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Photographer - Nita Meyer
Videographer - Mata Films
Celebrant & Planner - Alare Weddings
Florist - Primm Gardens
Makeup - Gabby Houghton Makeup
Hair - Dede & Daph 
Lighting & Decor - TopKata, Royal Laboratorie
Catering - No Biggie Food

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